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The pharmacist Johann Christian Stengel opens the pharmacy »Zum König Salomon« (The King Solomon). Its distinguishing feature was a life-size figurine of King Solomon, visible from all sides, fitted to the house facade.


The physician and pharmacist Dr Friedrich August Struve takes over the pharmacy.

1842 – 43

Theodor Fontane, son of a pharmacist from the Mark, works as an assistant in the Salomonis Pharmacy for eight months.

Struve’s idea to manufacture and sell his own mineral water was a milestone in the history of the pharmacy. The employees were entitled to drink their fill of the mineral water free of charge. Fontane himself reckoned that over the year, they must have imbibed a small fortune mixed with a variety of fruit juices.


Privy councillor Franz Peters purchases the pharmacy and launches the sale of homeopathic concoctions.


A number of pharmaceutical vessels and instruments are donated to the German Pharmacy Museum.


The Salomonis Pharmacy is destroyed.


Work commences on reconstructing the area around the Church of Our Lady in Dresden. The Salomonis Pharmacy is selected as one of the landmark buildings in the historical reconstruction.


Freiberger Schankhaus opens its doors on the premises of the former pharmacy.