Enjoy Saxon cuisine

From the stock pot

Saxon potato soup

with marjoram, bacon and bread

small 5,50 €
large 8,50 €

Lentil Stew

sweet-and-sour, with poatao cubes and bread

small 5,50 €
large 8,50 €


Salads - fresh and crunchy

Mixed Salad Choice

with homemade dressing and and crunchy house bread 9,50 €
             ... aditional with roasted chicken breast 13,90 €

Sausage cheese salad

with pickles and onion 8,90 €


kitchen classics

Saxon Sauerbraten

with raisins sauce, red cabbage and potato dumplings

16,90 €

Pork escalope "Vienna Style"

with mixed salad and french fries

14,90 €

Homemade Horse Roulade

filled with bacon and pickles, with red cabbage and potato dumplings

17,90 €

Pork goulash

with pickled cabbage and Bohemian yeast dumplings

13,90 €

Fried sausage

with pickled cabbage and mashed potatoes

11,50 €



Roasted pork knuckle

with cabbage salad, mustard and crunchy house bread

18,90 €

with ½ roasted pork knuckle

14,50 €

Roast pork

in beer sauce with pickled cabbage and potatoes

14,90 €

XXL Burger

with beef, pulled pork, bacon, cabbage salad and french fries

15,50 €

Schankhaus pan

roast pork, smoked pork, roasted blood sausage, barbecue sausage and bacon wirth pickled cabbage and fried potatoes

16,90 €

Roasted blood sausage

with pickled cabbage and mashed potatoes

11,50 €




marinated in dark beer with herbs, bread

7,90 €

Chicken breast fricassee


with mushrooms, gartinated with cheese

small 7,90 €
large 12,90 €

Tureen à la Maison

with tatar sauce and fried potatoes

11,50 €


From the sea

Trout »à la meunière«

served with red cabbage and potatoes

15,50 €



Fried potato pancake

with quark and herbs

8,90 €

Cheese spaetzle

with fresh parsley

13,50 €



Crunchy house bread

with crackling fat

4,90 €

Fresh beef tatar (pork)

with chopped onion, eggyolk, butter and bread

9,90 €

Snack platter

with different sausage, cheese and bread

13,90 €



Original Dresdner Quarkkeulchen

small fromage frais pancakes with apple sauce and cinnamon sugar

6,90 €

Apple Strudel

with vanilla sauce, vanilla icecream and whipped cream

6,90 €

Saxonian Buchteln

with vanilla sauce and sweet poppyseed

6,90 €

Vanilla icecream


with apple sauce, egg liqueur and whipped cream

6,90 €

Chocolate and vanilla icecream

with sweet marianated cherries and whipped cream

5,90 €

Chilled coffee & Chilled Hot Chocolate

4,90 €

Red fruit jelly

4,90 €
with vanilla icecream


Vanilla icecream

 6,90 €
with hot raspberries and whipped cream